A True Story

Whilst considering my portrayal of Penda I asked my neighbour, a literary professor, to recommend some suitable reference material. He suggested The Book of Penda written by a contemporary of Sir Thomas Malory. He put me in touch with an ex colleague who had a copy. When I paid a visit to this antiquarian book collector he informed me that there were no extant copies of the 15thc original printed by Richard Pynson.  However, he did show me a very rare abridged, illustrated version. Amongst the colour plates there was one of Penda on horseback. It was just as I had imagined him - a vision of heroic masculinity. Photographs of this page together with what remained of its dust jacket form the first part of my submission for this project.

Penda - Face to Face 

A Contemporary Art Collaboration in WestMercia 

We Met, We Shared, We Learnt, We Made

Exhibition Tour

Artists Workhouse, Studley 6th April - 14th April

Canwood Gallery, Hereford 4th June - 7th July 

General Office, Stourbridge 30th August - 8th September 2019